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Lexus RX 450

Rent Lexus RX 450

Rent the Lexus RX 450 means choosing  aggressive design and expressive styling are not for the faint of heart . vuol dire scegliere un suv dal carattere forte e dal cuore tenero. The smallest details can have the biggest impact. Takumi craftsmanship is evident the moment you approach the vehicle, from the intriguing LED illumination to the intricate wood accents inside the cabin.

Unlike anything else in the world, the stunning design of the available Matte Linear Dark Mocha wood trim combines the organic feel of natural wood with a layered look that evokes modern art. 

Wood trim adds a refined edge to the RX interior. It seamlessly marries the natural expression of fine wood with the clean sophistication of brushed aluminum. The opposing materials are layered upon each other as laser technology engraves the wood surface to reveal the delicate metallic lines underneath.

Hiring Lexus RX 450 means rent pure technology and elegance.

All information about your audio, speed, current gear and RPM onto the windshield. Display information can be adjusted to suit the driver. Provides immediate, simultaneous access to audio or climate controls and various systems including Navigation. Featuring a full-screen map view for added convenience, the voice-activated Navigation System can map millions of points of interest across the country and can display information in English, French or Spanish. And, in addition to offering up-to-date traffic and weather information,* 3D city views, and simulated views of approaching highway junctions, it displays the current speed limit and can automatically identify nearby gas stations if you begin to run low on fuel.
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