Rent luxury car / Luxury convertible / Mercedes-Benz SLC
Engine power
184 hp
Engine capacity
1.991 cc
Maximum speed
240 Km/h
Tank capacity
60 lt.
Mercedes-Benz SLC

Rent Mercedes-Benz SLC

The rental of a Mercedes-Benz SLC gives you the chance to drive a compact and sports car, a car concept born from the idea of the brand made in Stuggart, to offer style and fun at the same time.
The dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz SLC are the secret of its dynamicity.
Even its long hood, the Cabrio designed by the "three-pointed star” House is compact and no high from the ground. These elements make it the right choice if you are looking for a lively and stylish car.
The design has been not left to chance during the process of creation of the Mercedes-Benz SLC. The long nose and the short rear make its outline particular, marked, then, by the side vents set behind the front wheelhouses.
Other elements that enrich the Cabrio model are the typical Mercedes-Benz grille and the chromed drains placed in the back bumper.
Another feature marking the attention used for the creation of this car is the fixed roof equipped with an electronic movement system. That gives the Mercedes-Benz SLC much more rigidity, more benefits during the driving, and isolation as well. The car comes out as more comfortable. Hiring a Mercedes-Benz SLC allows you to choose a fun driving car without giving up on the comfort and style too.

To learn more on how to rent a Mercedes-Benz SLC, fill out the availability request form, a consultant will get in touch with you within 24 hours to assist you in renting the Mercedes-Benz SLC by choosing the set that suits your needs and facilitating this experience.
Also, the personal PRIMERENT expert will be at your complete disposal even during the Mercedes-Benz SLC driving performance to give you all the necessary support and feel you comfortable.

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