PRIMERENT presents a completely renewed website, where special attention is given to the news on the homepage and to the "request a quote” form.

A more functional site, created on users’ needs, with the aim of making the web surfing as easier as possible and above all more intuitive.

Users will now have the possibility to select a car choosing from categories and brands, or to select the required model directly from the search box at the top of the page.

The site shows 18 new pages, too, one for each brand of our fleet; you just have to click on the brand logo you are interested in to visualize all the available models of each brand.

4 photos of 4 different news characterize the homepage: a stylistic choice that relies on images, an element that in the branch of high ended sportcars rental  is becoming more and more strategic, even essential in captivating the user, who is often searching not only for a car, but for strong emotions.

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