The Membership is based on an innovative concept of luxury and is reserved to a selected clientele. It is a flexible, suitable for all needs service which permits you to rent all the supercars saving up to 80% off list price.

More than a product it is an out-and-out way of life, the lifestyle of those who never renounce the perfection, prestige and comfort.

A service that caters to both individuals and companies to meet the needs of managers and entrepreneurs.

•    Save up to 80% off list price (rent a supercar vehicle at €400/day instead of €1800/day as per list price);
•    Possibility of deferred payment;
•    24/7 service;
•    Possibility to rent and try out the latest car models;
•    Delivery throughout Europe;
•    A dedicated consultant;

For more information please contact PRIME consultants who are at your disposal to give you all the necessary information.

Tel +39 06 33 22 01 67

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